Saturday, November 26, 2011


A fancy form of a monitor check. lol


Jean Liang said...

i like this alot! you should do more figures and envolve some graphic design into it!

Naomi said...

SO.MUCH.ART!! lol where do you find the time to do everything!?! and its all amazing! :D

Gabe Stein said...

I once knew a girl named Yuka. She was just some damn office woman.

Maya Shavzin said...

Matt, i'm so glad i found your blog finally :)
You have some really interesting stuff here! and so prolific! keep up the awesome work :)

Mattieau said...

Thanks guys, and

@ Jean, Yerp, Stay tuned :)

@ Naomi, Thanks and usually I just wake up and start drawing, then stop when I'm about to go to bed. Though I don't really post everything that I draw * I should really get on that* and nah, it's not amazing yet. One day when I'm super old and living in the mountains.;)

@ Gabe, lol that's unfortunate, I'll introduce you to a few Yukas that I know. They're quite nice :) .

@ Maya , Maya!!! How have you been? and thanks:)

Abe Taraky said...

wonderful stuff.